News & Updates

Some of you may wonder why there are no updates, no videos or no new add-ons for that long time. Right now I have two huge problems:


The 3d printed milling machine does not work perfectly. It is absolutely no problem to cut trough wood if the cutting process doesn’t take to long. Long milling processes are a bit of a problem right now. The issue is caused by the toothed belt pulleys that drive the mill. The solution will be a completely new milling add-on on which I’m working on. This leads me to the next problem.


I have absolutely no idea why but right now my 3d printer does not work anymore. So far I  was not able to find the problem. As a student can not afford any new spare Parts for now. Therefore it will take a bit of time until i post major updates on this website.

However I’ll do my best to provide all informations on electronics and everything you need to build rBot cnc. I ask for understanding and hope you are able to create your own rBot with all add-ons you desire.