rBot – fully printed CNC


rBot is a 3d printed low cost CNC that fits perfectly around a IKEA Malm chest. It is designed to be both: easy to print and easy to build.

All parts of rBot are designed from the ground up to be perfectly printable. Almost every part can be printed without any supports.

rBot was not made to be the best and most accurate CNC. It was designed to test the limits of a 3d printer. Additionally it is a nice add-on for your existing Ikea furniture.

The design goal was to create a new gadget for home laboratories that is fun to build, easy to print and incredibly useful.

You can mount different tools on rBot. Right now a milling machine and a pen holder are available. A 3D printing add-on will follow within the next weeks. (Detailed Timeline)

On this website you will find all instructions, photos and videos and upcoming news of rBot.

The work area is around 700mm x 300mm x 55mm.

Downloads on thingiverse.com


Use at your own risk.


One thought on “rBot – fully printed CNC

  1. Nice! I’m ready to jump in and print one. But what about firmware/software? Michael, please talk a bit about the hardware and software needed to run the rBot with the various attachments. References to source/obj code would be fantastic. If the software isn’t yet ready for release, please talk a bit about your plans for the software, including if/when it might be released.

    Thanks again.

    – Bob

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